meeting may 2011

Since selling our truck which had also been the transport for The Syko and getting a motorhome, we've struggled through not having our own trailer.  Last year we were able to borrow a one but we needed our own.   As a suitable one couldn't be found Graham decided to build his own, that way we would get exactly what we wanted. Graham designed it and with the help of the syko crew it was built in time for the first outing of the year, which was the 31st International Motorcyle Show at Stafford over easter.

We had 7 bikes on the NSA (National Sprint Association) stand including The Syko, all of which created a lot of interest.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Our first meeting of the year will be on 7th & 8th May at Kirkbride (near Carlisle) in Cumbria  - come and see us there.