The new torque tube and clutch set up is coming together and after a long time of designing I feel that all the hard work and money is coming together. The torque tube is now turned and milled and fitted to the Bentec 

torque tube

The next job is to make the shafts and the clutch housing, centre and finish off the drive line into the torque tube. I have increased the belt pitch from 8.0mm HTD to 14.0mm HTD as belts were starting to be a problem and to make things stronger i am going to run a larger idler pulley to engage more teeth into the pulleys and keep the idler rpm below 8000rpm

torque tube rear 

The new low ratio 1st gears for the bentec have arrived . thanks very much Per Bentson from Bentec Flexoart who makes the Bentec 2 speed Top fuel and Super twin gear boxes.


I have always struggled with a tall 1st gear in the gearbox which is 1.33/1.


These gearboxes are designed for Nitro engined Drag bikes and run high first gears to load the engines and make more power.


I have not got the same power as the Nitro bikes and need a lower first gear so I can change into 2nd around 80.0mph as opposed to 120mph or there abouts  so Per has made me some gears to reduce the ratio to 1.49/1 which is just what I need.

I am very excited about fitting these as the 60 ft times will be much better than before and this is the area where the bike has always struggled.


The new trailer was built last year and here are a few pictures of it under construction.  thanks go out to Jack Graham and Roger Goring (Firestorm) for giving there help and Smithy from Mial coachworks for all his assistance during the build.


The Stainless chassis is fantastic. but I wasn't saying that after 4 days of Tig welding!!



trailer build


The Axle arrangement is designed to be either single or double axle. I have got it as a single at the moment but as we start to carry more stuff with us (which always seems to happen) then I will fit the second axle.