Syko Information


After Kirkbride it was pretty obvious that some thing was wrong with the engine and after close inspection it was found that the PTFE buttons in the pistons had completely disintegrated letting the gudgeon pins in 5 of the 8 bores wear deep grooves into the cylinders. So bad that you would mistake it for a 2 stoke!!


Not only had 5 bores been damaged the remains of the PTFE buttons had blocked the oil ways to the oil pump and also filled the pump up with so much debris that the gears cracked.  This in turn let the crank run without lubrication and because of this ran all the big ends and mains.


So back to the drawing board and remove the engine and strip the block and send it to Turner Engineering in Surrey who bored the 8 liners out and replaced them with much thicker and more rigid SG Iron liners (Spherodical Graphite Iron). They then bored cylinders to my spec and then decked the block head faces again to my spec.  All in a 2 week turn round an made a superb job making the old block better than new.

New Block

 The Crank has been sent away to be reground and balanced by EDS in Essex and I have just recieved the crank back and a very nice job they have done too.

The crank has been re balanced to take account of the new drive pulley and Aluminium gudgeon pin buttons I have made which are 1 Gram heavier per piston.


The new clutch set up is coming on really well but time is against me at the moment 

boring bar

16 hours of turning and the torque tube is nearly complete! (Just Kidding)  Still a long way to go.