Syko Information


Having successfully run The Syko on Motorscopes rolling road dynamometer, a local tuning company based in Northallerton who kindly offered there services and expertese, we finally found out what power the new smaller capacity, short stroke engine was producing. Although the test had to be run with the bike in top gear due to spinning the tyre in bottom gear, which meant we couldn't achieve full engine rpm as the rollers were unable to cope with the speed,we did however still manage to achieve 350 bhp at 6250 rpm and 390 lb ft at 4400 rpm!

Not bad for an old push rod engine.

Following this good outcome, we decided to enter a sprint meeting at Kirkbride, near Carlisle.

Saturday started wet but the weather gradually improved, so we finally prepared The Syko to run around 3pm. We ran a 10.3 with the clutch slipping the full quarter.


burn out at Kirkbride

We got one more run in on Saturday, and two more on Sunday but didn't better the 10.3.  We learnt a lot at this meeting knowing that we were producing good power with this engine, but the clutch struggled to lock up.  We are now in the process of rectifying this problem, and will be back with a new clutch set up.

Thanks to Jack Graham and Mike Ellis for all their help over the weekend.

syko in bits


rolling about